Nitrile gloves have come a long way. In the early days, when nitrile gloves were the “new” latex-free option, healthcare professionals did not find them nearly as comfortable as natural rubber latex gloves. And the price for these new medical nitrile gloves was higher than latex. Still, in order to reduce the very real problem of latex sensitization, the healthcare world began to transition to nitrile gloves.

Glove manufacturers worked hard to improve their nitrile glove formulations. Eventually softer, stretchier nitrile gloves appeared on the market. The more comfortable and affordable nitrile gloves became, the more people gravitated to them from the old latex stand by. However, with the increased use of nitrile gloves, came an increase in contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis caused by chemical accelerators used in the production of nitrile and other latex-free gloves. Healthcare workers who had never experienced a problem wearing gloves in the past were becoming reactive and now developing painful skin irritation and allergy.

Glove manufacturers listened and responded. The newest “breed” of nitrile gloves are manufactured without the use of sulfur-based chemical accelerators. These nitrile gloves are tested for skin allergy and skin sensitization, and enjoy the new FDA claim of Low Dermatitis Potential.

We are pleased to be able offer HandPRO brand nitrile gloves created from this new, purer nitrile formulation –  Freestyle1100 (indigo violet) and Scion700 (berry blue) nitrile powder-free exam gloves.  Now glove wearers have a new, less irritating choice – a glove free of both natural rubber protein and with fewer chemicals – a purer nitrile glove.

This new kind of nitrile offers an additional benefit – strength.  Tests prove these nitrile gloves are now stronger than traditional nitrile, without sacrificing comfort.

With latex costs skyrocketing, nitrile gloves are no longer the high-priced option. And with new nitrile glove formulations and improved production methods, nitrile gloves are now more enjoyable to wear, and the clearest choice for healthcare professionals.

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