RoyalTouch300 Nitrile Exam Gloves

We are excited to announce the newest member of the HandPRO® family of nitrile exam gloves – RoyalTouch300™. This powder-free glove features a revolutionary design, providing the optimal performance and protection you desire.

Strength + SensitivityRoyalTouch300 Nitrile Exam Gloves

If you wear gloves, perhaps in a dental or medical office, laboratory or manufacturing environment, you know there is a balance to be struck between tactile sensitivity and durability.

If a nitrile glove material is too thin or brittle, there will be frequent tears, especially at the cuff when donning.  If the glove is too thick, you get durability but sacrifice needed sensitivity.

The RoyalTouch300™ nitrile material hits that “sweet spot” between glove thickness and strength. While being incredibly sensitive, the tensile strength typical performance surpasses the leading comparable glove – 31 MPa compared to 23 MPa. This means fewer tears, less waste and reliable protection.

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Chemical Protection

RoyalTouch300™ is certified with PPE Category III (EN 374:2003 Part 3,) providing unsurpassed film strength and chemical resistance properties among comparable products.

In testing, the glove achieved the highest Performance Level 6 for common chemicals such as 50% sulphuric acid, 40% sodium hydroxide, 50% gluteraldehyde and 10-13% sodium hypochlorite.

Comfort Contour + Finger-Texture

Comfort and functionality are also important. To ensure RoyalTouch300™ lives up to its name, the glove features proper contour design and surface treatment so they go on easy and feel fabulous. Textured fingers provide a secure grip in a wide-variety of environments.

Environmentally-Friendly, Cost-Saving Packaging

Optimal performance doesn’t stop at the glove. Packed flat in a 300-count box that fits in a standard-size glove box holder, the gloves dispense easily to reduce unintended glove waste.

The more efficient packaging minimizes product and shipping costs – an important consideration to everyone ordering gloves today.

Compared to standard 100-count packaging, the environmentally-friendly RoyalTouch300™ packaging design reduces waste by 42% and optimizes storage space by 56%. This means fewer reorders, more space on your shelf for other supplies, and less packaging waste in our landfills.

RoyalTouch300™ delivers a unique and cost-effective combination of strength, protection, comfort, sensitivity, feel and functionality so that you can work with confidence. Truly the Royal Treatment!

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